Gemstone Charm Mash-Up Pendant Necklace
Gemstone Charm Mash-Up Pendant Necklace
Gemstone Charm Mash-Up Pendant Necklace
Gemstone Charm Mash-Up Pendant Necklace

Gemstone Charm Mash-Up Pendant Necklace

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An ode to moonlit evenings and celestial bodies. This silver mother of pearl provides a shimmery backdrop to the array of gems in silver and chalcedony. The satin hues of this collection creates a soft effect for this tableau on the go.  

Each individual element moves along the chain to provide an ever shifting arrangement of pieces. 

Chain measures 20 inches. Please inquire about custom sizing.

This one of a kind piece is a Specific Gravity exclusive.

Specific Gravity offers unique items that are designed and fabricated by artists working in the studios of Brooklyn Metal Works or are part of our larger community, meeting our criteria of originality and quality of craft. Please keep in mind that each piece is individually made in a studio setting and features subtle variations in detail and finish from items photographed on our website.


Specific Gravity has resumed production on serial items and can process orders for most pieces as well as those that are currently in stock.  There is still some delay due to COVID-19 restrictions. Your purchases will ship as soon as possible and orders will receive a confirmation email when shipped.

If you would like to place an order for custom work please contact us. Also note that we offer gift cards for future shopping and special occasions. 

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Brice Garrett

I think about the body and its relationship to objects, and how/why we position ourselves around the things we collect. I’m especially attracted to adornment and other material things we interact with, pay attention to, and bring with us every day.

I use the position of these objects as a source to think through ideas of preciousness, memory, value, and labor as they shape our everyday lives. Traditionally trained in jewelry and metals, my current work ranges across disciplines, culminating in wearables, sculptures, installations, and participatory projects.