Silver Cursive Spiral Bangle
Silver Cursive Spiral Bangle
Silver Cursive Spiral Bangle
Silver Cursive Spiral Bangle

Silver Cursive Spiral Bangle

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The Cursive Spiral Bangle consists of a sterling silver rod that is wrapped around my forearm and welded where the extremities meet, making it a single continuous loop.

This contemporary and sophisticated piece stands out in the crowd due its bold figure yet subtle delicacy. The contrast between the handmade and the industrial finish is overt and distinguishes this piece from both the handcraft and the machine made, elevating it's exclusivity. Each piece is unique and Hand-Made in the United States.

Size may vary, which is of little importance because this piece wants to spring around the arm as it moves from the wrist to the forearm, and it is designed to be worn all year round, as its width allows it to be tucked over long sleeve sweaters.

This piece is made of Sterling silver



Words and Product Photo by Edgar Mosa

Modeled Photo by Joseph McShea

Modeled by Sarah McCall

Specific Gravity offers unique items that are designed and fabricated by artists working in the studios of Brooklyn Metal Works or are part of our larger community, meeting our criteria of originality and quality of craft. Please keep in mind that each piece is individually made in a studio setting and features subtle variations in detail and finish from items photographed on our website.

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Edgar Mosa

Edgar Mosa is an artist from Lisbon, Portugal who has lived in Amsterdam, Detroit, and New York City. This infusion of culture into his Portuguese sensibilities created a pluralistic point of view from which he draws much of his artistic expression. 

After graduating with an MFA, he began to create jewelry collections with strong ideas about fashion and art that embody distinct personalities, while developing sculptural works and campaigns that cement his fine and witty aesthetic. Each piece is a balance of culture, art, fashion and Edgar’s own identity.