Twist and Fold
Twist and Fold
Twist and Fold
Twist and Fold

Twist and Fold

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This cuff is a sculptural piece. Each one is different since I take 3 separate 3mm wires and I bend and overlap them. Metal is a bit unforgiving and it has a mind of its own. Despite my mission to #bendmetaltomywill !

It should fit snug, so it means that you can pry it open a bit to slip it onto your wrist. But look for the thinnest area of your wrist to slide this on and then use a bit of force to squeeze it on. It lays so comfortably and the weight is perfect around the wrist.

It's little more than .5" on the sides, but the total width is about 2"+ or so.

Finished with 14k nickel free gold plating!

Sculptural, bold jewelry handmade in Brooklyn, NY 

Specific Gravity offers unique items that are designed and fabricated by artists working in the studios of Brooklyn Metal Works or are part of our larger community, meeting our criteria of originality and quality of craft. Please keep in mind that each piece is individually made in a studio setting and features subtle variations in detail and finish from items photographed on our website.

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Oblik Atelier

Mia Hebib, a classically trained metalsmith and accessory industry veteran, whose desire is to forge conversations through her creative expression. She is in constant dialogue with the metal as she folds and forms it into miniature sculptures for the body. Ultimately the jewelry provokes a conversation between a wearer and the observer thus becoming a conversation piece.

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