Daniell Hudson

Daniell Hudson has made jewelry, accessories and homeware in the northeast for over six years. Heavily influenced by her former education in history and archaeology, Daniell is fascinated by the imprint of human civilization over time that is revealed through the spaces and objects left behind. In her work she examines her own place in time, her relationship to her surroundings, and how the object she creates as a part of herself connects to the world, the environment, and the passage of time in which they will all inevitably change. While looking to her background in art history and archaeological conservation, Daniell also draws inspiration from various aspects of her own life. In all her work she incorporates an element of personal history, from her upbringing in Tennessee and in Israel to her current life in New York.

Daniell strongly values the importance of ethically sourced and manufactured goods, and her goal is to offer quality handmade products made with love and care. She aims to offer items that are ethically sourced to the best of her knowledge, using materials and processes that are as least disruptive to the environment as possible, and to run a business that promotes better treatment and pay of those who produce the product.