Jewelry can be tiny in scale, but it has a large impact on the world’s resources. From mining to making, the environmental and human costs associated with creating jewelry can be huge. Even in the best of circumstances some measure of a footprint remains. Which is why we believe in understanding our supply chain as much as possible and investing in responsible sourcing. By bringing to light the process by which a piece of jewelry is made, you can determine if a jewelry purchase is right for you. 

     Because we are closely associated with the artists who design and make this work we know their stories well. We want you to also know these stories, to get to know the artists and to understand the value of what you will be wearing. We encourage all of our artists to engage in best practices when sourcing their materials and highlight the standards we should all be working towards.

     To this point, we believe that sharing resources is a commitment to environmental stewardship. The artists working at BKMW share tools and equipment, and help to maintain the facility to the highest of standards for prolonged use. The studio institutes health and safety protocols and implements energy and materials conservation throughout the facility. Metal collection for reuse and refining is standard operating procedure. 

     Specific Gravity will regularly host conversations on site and promote happenings elsewhere regarding issues around responsible sourcing for the jewelry industry. Please sign up for our mailing list to learn more!


Specific Gravity supports the use of responsible jewelry practices. In order to have meaningful conversations we need to share an understanding of key terms. We use the terms laid forth by the Jewelry Glossary Project. This Glossary is an ongoing project, new terms are continually added and past terms are updated when necessary.