About the Artists

Specific Gravity offers unique items that are designed and fabricated by artists working in the studio of Brooklyn Metal Works, meeting our criteria of originality and quality of workmanship. We are a small artist run and operated studio space in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. In addition to offering classes and hosting gallery exhibitions, we provide contemporary jewelers + metalsmiths with a creative space to make their work. 


Bianca Abreu received her BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute with a concentration in Installation. In her final semester she discovered her love for glass an an exploration of metals with the material came expression of metals and glass in a wearable form. 

Bianca's jewelry line AUR Jewelry transforms throughout the day. Color shifting from aqua to purple, yellow to pink, green to grey, and lavender to blue. Her handmade jewelry is an exploration of the color spectrum and light. 



Samuel Guillen's inspiration lays on the everyday experience of the urban landscape. His creative approach is driven by systematically inquiring how to transform urban complexity, often made of rough, straight-forward technical elements, into visual sources for jewelry. For that purpose he systematically photographs fragments of the city that he considers inspiring, and the photographic research constitutes the start of his jewelry process.

Samuel's pieces are all made in sterling silver using hollow construction and oxidation techniques. His intent is to echo the entanglements of basic metallic elements that constitute the modern city: rough steel, scaffolding, tubing, fencing in subways and construction sites, bridges, etc. His aim is to constantly transform these structures and visual presences in motifs for his jewelry.


Mia Hebib, a classically trained metalsmith and accessory industry veteran, whose desire is to forge conversations through her creative expression. She is in constant dialogue with the metal as she folds and forms it into miniature sculptures for the body. Ultimately the jewelry provokes a conversation between a wearer and the observer thus becoming a conversation piece.

Oblik Atelier is elevating jewelry from being an ordinary accessory to becoming an extraordinary wearable sculpture, “objet d’art”. Oblik means “shape” in Croatian and it embodies visual as well as the creative drive behind the jewelry studio; creating beautiful shapes that conform and compliment the body. Oblik Atelier jewelry is bold, elegant, defined through sinuous lines, architectural forms and exploration in shape, rhythm and play of positive and negative space. The design language speaks to the confident, art appreciating woman with a distinct taste that is rooted in timeless, clean, refined and modern style.


Daniell Hudson has made jewelry, accessories and homeware in the northeast for over six years. Heavily influenced by her former education in history and archaeology, Daniell is fascinated by the imprint of human civilization over time that is revealed through the spaces and objects left behind. In her work she examines her own place in time, her relationship to her surroundings, and how the object she creates as a part of herself connects to the world, the environment, and the passage of time in which they will all inevitably change. While looking to her background in art history and archaeological conservation, Daniell also draws inspiration from various aspects of her own life. In all her work she incorporates an element of personal history, from her upbringing in Tennessee and in Israel to her current life in New York.

Daniell strongly values the importance of ethically sourced and manufactured goods, and her goal is to offer quality handmade products made with love and care. She aims to offer items that are ethically sourced to the best of her knowledge, using materials and processes that are as least disruptive to the environment as possible, and to run a business that promotes better treatment and pay of those who produce the product.


FLRNZ is a collection of contemporary jewelry designed and fabricated by Berkeley Keller in New York City. Berkeley forms each piece by hand in her Brooklyn studio, and then works with casting companies in New York's jewelry district to bring her creations to life.


Lucia Pearl is a collection of modern conversation pieces, crafted by hand in Brooklyn New York. Each concept is carefully considered by designer Lucia Perluck who launched the line with the goal of creating a brand that is both innovative and fashion-forward. Lucia brings ingenuity to her process, fabricating prototypes out of raw materials and incorporating different mechanisms in her designs that encourage the wearer to interact with the piece in more ways than one. Her inspirations and process result in edgy, unisex statement pieces that are versatile enough for everyday wear.


The Rebecca Pinto Fine Jewelry Collection was launched by New York designer and artist, Rebecca Pinto. Trained in fashion design at Parsons, The New School for Design, and after her experience working for two inspiring and renowned New York jewelry companies, Pinto’s love for design and the art of craftsmanship developed into the launching of her own jewelry line.

Rebecca Pinto’s work has evolved from painting to textile design to jewelry design and creation. Her craftsmanship is fueled by the use of precious metals, conflict free diamonds and south sea pearls that she hand picks from the seas of the South Pacific.

Pinto has long recognized the shared beauty of people, places and things. She brings her creations to life in her Brooklyn studio based on objects, ideas and inspirations she gathers from her travels around the world.


Danyell Rascoe's fascination for gems began as a young child who collected rocks and stones at the gift shop at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  During a business trip to India, that love was rekindled.

"Softened geometric forms allow me to merge classic, modern, and ancient design elements.  I conceive design as a continuum that keeps on going, exploring, and changing over time. Tear shapes and palindromes are ever present. My work aims to be delicate with a sort of strength, that allows the jewelry to be part of your everyday life."


William Yang is a graduate of the Pratt Institute's jewelry program. Using both traditional and modern techniques, he crafts unique, one-of-a-kind timepieces for his line, Vestigial Time. His watches serve as a tangible reminder of time, combining a vintage feel with deco-futurist aesthetics.


Meiyi Yang is a jewelry designer born and raised in Shenzhen, China. She completed her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Metal and Jewelry Design. Meiyi is dedicated to pursuing her passions in life; she draws inspiration from the minor details that are often missed when living life too fast. Meiyi has a deep interest in fashion and garment design, this allows her to go beyond the traditional metal smith mindset. Fashion allows her to explore new creative boundaries and implement new ideas and concepts within her work. Meiyi firmly believes, “the mind and body are creative platforms that enable expression and growth.” Jewelry design serves as a catalyst to convey Meiyi’s ideologies and development.