Meet the Artists

Amelia Toelke

Amelia Toelke’s diverse art practice draws on her training in jewelry and metalsmithing yet transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. A combination of sculpture, collage, and installation, Toelke’s work lies at the intersection of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, and challenges given conceptions of object, image, reality, and representation. Toelke currently lives in Chatham, New York.

AUR Jewelry

Bianca Abreu received her BFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute with a concentration in Installation. In her final semester she discovered her love for glass an an exploration of metals with the material came expression of metals and glass in a wearable form. 

Bianca's jewelry line AUR Jewelry transforms throughout the day. Color shifting from aqua to purple, yellow to pink, green to grey, and lavender to blue. Her handmade jewelry is an exploration of the color spectrum and light. 

Brian Weissman

Brian Weissman is a co-founder of Specific Gravity and Brooklyn Metal Works, a collaborative metalsmithing studio, exhibition space, and concept lab.

As an artist, Brian enjoys working with traditional metalsmithed objects to examine how their socially, politically and culturally inherited meanings and values can be distorted through a constantly changing world. Through these explorations he tries to find the humor and beauty in the objects he creates.

Brice Garrett

I think about the body and its relationship to objects, and how/why we position ourselves around the things we collect. I’m especially attracted to adornment and other material things we interact with, pay attention to, and bring with us every day.

I use the position of these objects as a source to think through ideas of preciousness, memory, value, and labor as they shape our everyday lives. Traditionally trained in jewelry and metals, my current work ranges across disciplines, culminating in wearables, sculptures, installations, and participatory projects.

Daniell Hudson

Daniell Hudson is fascinated by the imprint of human civilization over time that is revealed through the spaces and objects left behind. In her work she examines her own place in time, her relationship to her surroundings, and how the object she creates as a part of herself connects to the world, the environment, and the passage of time in which they will all inevitably change. In all her work she incorporates an element of personal history, from her upbringing in Tennessee and Israel. to her current life in New York.

She aims to offer items that are ethically sourced, using materials and processes that are as least disruptive to the environment as possible, and to run a business that promotes better treatment and pay of those who produce the product.


Danyell Rascoe's fascination for gems began as a young child who collected rocks and stones at the gift shop at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  During a business trip to India, that love was rekindled.

"Softened geometric forms allow me to merge classic, modern, and ancient design elements.  I conceive design as a continuum that keeps on going, exploring, and changing over time. Tear shapes and palindromes are ever present. My work aims to be delicate with a sort of strength, that allows the jewelry to be part of your everyday life."

Edgar Mosa

Edgar Mosa is an artist born in Lisbon, Portugal where he was trained as a goldsmith at the age of 14.

Moving from Lisbon to Amsterdam to Detroit to New York City opened to him a world of diversity. The instant infusion of newer culture into his Portuguese sensibilities created a pluralistic point of view from which he draws much of his artistic expression. 

After graduating with an MFA, he began to create jewelry collections with strong ideas about fashion and art that embody distinct personalities, while developing sculptural works and campaigns that cement his fine and witty aesthetic. Each piece is a balance of culture, art, fashion and Edgar’s own identity.  

Edgar Mosa lives and works in NYC and teaches at Parsons School of Design.

Erin S. Daily

Erin S. Daily is a co-founder of Specific Gravity and Brooklyn Metal Works, a collaborative metalsmithing studio, exhibition space, and concept lab.

As an artist, Erin’s work is inspired by her curiosity about our material and cultural connections to the made world. At the center of this approach is her love of metal, her fascination with nature and geology, and a consuming interest in the human body and its varied relationships to objects. From the physical act of making, to the physical act of wearing and interacting, she finds jewelry and metalsmithing an engaging art form. Erin’s artistic investigations fuel her intense desire to know and understand the world through objects.

Futaba Hayashi

Futaba is a Brooklyn based designer and graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology.  Born and raised in Japan, she inherited the wealth of minimalism and reverence of symbology from Japanese culture. Futaba’s background in graphic design, as well as her cross-cultural experience living in New York City, have shaped her design aesthetic.  She developed her collection with the intention of merging her love for graphic design with the intimacy of jewelry, creating timeless, subtle pieces suited for everyday wear.  

Mon Pilar

Brigid McNellis is a jewelry artist and designer born in Chile and raised in the USA. After studying and training with goldsmiths in Spain, Chile, and USA, she received her BFA from Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence, Italy.  

In March of 2020 Brigid launched Mon Pilar, a jewelry brand named after her mother’s first and middle names, that focuses on heritage and innovation. Brigid’s interest in ancient and traditional jewelry techniques characteristically influence her design aesthetic and her background in contemporary jewelry continues to inspire her playful innovative approach. 

All pieces are hand-made in Brooklyn from 14 karat gold and sterling silver. Placing great importance on ethical responsibility, Mon Pilar is focused on growing its ethical credentials and outsources to companies that employ recycled metals in their process. 

We use recycled  diamonds that come from certified sustainably mined organizations, are conflict-free, and come from sources that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification System.

Oblik Atelier

Mia Hebib, a classically trained metalsmith and accessory industry veteran, whose desire is to forge conversations through her creative expression. She is in constant dialogue with the metal as she folds and forms it into miniature sculptures for the body. Ultimately the jewelry provokes a conversation between a wearer and the observer thus becoming a conversation piece.

Oblik Atelier is elevating jewelry from being an ordinary accessory to becoming an extraordinary wearable sculpture, “objet d’art”. Oblik means “shape” in Croatian and it embodies visual as well as the creative drive behind the jewelry studio; creating beautiful shapes that conform and compliment the body. Oblik Atelier jewelry is bold, elegant, defined through sinuous lines, architectural forms and exploration in shape, rhythm and play of positive and negative space. The design language speaks to the confident, art appreciating woman with a distinct taste that is rooted in timeless, clean, refined and modern style.


Octave Jewelry is inspired by the balance between sharp geometry and soft organic form. These kinetic pieces are dually inspired by the infinite malleability of metal and the permanence of stone. But most of all, this jewelry is made to be worn; each piece sparkles and sways with the wearer, highlighting the beauty within.

My work provides a modern frame for earth's ancient works of art. Every raw stone tells a story, and I cut each one by hand to suit its independent character. In sterling silver and gold, I hand-fabricate comfortable, wearable, and bold pieces that bring a sense of elegance to the everyday.Made with joy in Brooklyn, New York.

Sergey Jivetin

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1977.  Sergey has been living and working in the USA since 1992.  He received his MFA from SUNY New Paltz, NY, and BFA from Parsons School of Design, NY.  Sergey has taught metalsmithing at SUNY New Paltz, Rhode Island School of Design, New Jersey City University and Kean University.

His honors include: Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award 2011, Reed Foundation Individual Artist’s Grant in 2007, Herbert Hoffman Preis 2005, (Germany); Second Prize and Grand Prize at Itami International Jewelry Biennial, 2009 and 2005, respectively; New York Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist’s Fellowship both in 2009 and 2005(US); Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artist Award (US); and Silvermine Guild Board of Trustees Award (US).

His work is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Art and Design, Dallas Museum of Art, Mint Museum and numerous private collections.

Samuel Guillén

Samuel Guillen's inspiration lays on the everyday experience of the urban landscape. His creative approach is driven by systematically inquiring how to transform urban complexity, often made of rough, straight-forward technical elements, into visual sources for jewelry. For that purpose he systematically photographs fragments of the city that he considers inspiring, and the photographic research constitutes the start of his jewelry process.

Samuel's pieces are all made in sterling silver using hollow construction and oxidation techniques. His intent is to echo the entanglements of basic metallic elements that constitute the modern city: rough steel, scaffolding, tubing, fencing in subways and construction sites, bridges, etc. His aim is to constantly transform these structures and visual presences in motifs for his jewelry.

Sol Proaño

Sol is a Chilean-American designer and metalsmith based in Queens, NY. Her work is inspired by the magical landscapes that she experienced traveling through Chile as a teenager, and her mission is to provide a break from the chaos of everyday life. She creates objects for seekers of stillness.

Her Prisma collection features objects for the home that give a calm and soothing effect. These pieces combine sculptural shapes in metal with crystals that create beautiful rainbows, little glimpses of magic that are both comforting and fun at the same time.

Suna Bonometti

Suna Bonometti is an Italian jeweler based in New York. Drawing inspiration from geometric forms, modernism, and traditional craft, each piece is designed to catch your attention in pleasantly surprising ways–all the while remaining simple and bold in appearance.

Gotham Atelier

Andrea - a.k.a. Gotham Atelier - came to metal work and jewelry design by chance with the retrospective understanding that the stage was set from childhood, sitting with her grandmother as she went through her jewelry box, and saving up her allowance to buy specimens at rock and mineral shows.

Asking "what do you want to be?" she embraces elements of improvisation and honors the intrinsic properties of the materials she works with.
These qualities, along with attention to compositional balance and careful construction, result in the distinct aesthetic of Gotham Atelier.

Matia Lia Baroni

Born into a creative family of artists in a small town in Tuscany Italy, Lia's eyes and soul were shaped between marble sculpting studios and bronze foundries, where her fascination for metalwork and sculpture first arose. Following many years of fervent traveling around the world, and many homes, she arrived in New York City where she now resides and creates all her pieces in her studio in Brooklyn. Lia officially launched her brand in 2019, but has always been a compulsive creator of wearable sculptures and jewelry.

Kristine Cabanban

Kristine Cabanban is happiest when she is working with her hands. Well, that and making people laugh. She is fascinated by all manners of working with metal and finds inspiration everywhere. In her travels she came to understand that the art of self-expression is universal. Thus, jewelry serves to connect all cultures and generations, especially because many of the techniques in jewelry making endure throughout the centuries.

Petra Class

Petra Class grew up and was educated in Germany. After studying art history and philosophy at the University of Stuttgart, she pursued a rigorous traditional education in goldsmithing and design. Living and experimenting in the exciting city of Berlin before the fall of the Wall, she made her first steps into creating her own world of jewelry. After meeting her husband Steve, a California native, Petra emigrated to San Francisco and founded the jewelry design studio in 1991. Her classical training and connection to the cutting edge European design world combined with the organic and nature inspired attitude of California worked in harmony to create Petraʼs unmistakable vocabulary.

Since then it has grown into an atelier spanning 2 familial generations across the west coast and, recently, New York City, where a team of gifted metalsmiths create an ever growing collection of sculptural, contemporary jewelry made of high karat gold and precious gemstones. Petra, accompanied by her son Lucas, are the creative forces behind the studio, while her daughter-in-law Phoebe runs operations and 2 brilliant bench jewelers, Morgan and Clio, assist in production.

Suzanne Sullivan

Ceramic artist Suzanne Sullivan hand builds porcelain objects for the hand and home. Elaborately hand painted patterns are visually rich and complement the tactile forms they lay across. Each piece is unique and one of a kind.

Jinbi Park

Jinbi Park - My work is a reflection of who I am, my experiences, and my beliefs in life.

Having lived in Japan and the US as a Korean artist, I was exposed to a lot of different cultures and experiences which became a new part of myself and my life. Those experiences have formed one unique culture that I carry with me, and fortunately, I’m able to express that culture through my art.

Currently located in Brooklyn, NY, I use ancient Korean and Japanese techniques to create contemporary jewelry. I love how those old techniques can be used to create something new when combined with a non-traditional approach.
Each piece I create, each collection I compose, is a reflection of an unknown future, driven by my passion and excitement to explore spontaneous adventures, and chase dreams, aspirations, and hopes.

Luz Arias

Luz Arias is a Buenos Aires–based jeweler who studied architecture and fine arts before encountering the practice of lost-wax casting. She subsequently trained as a goldsmith and took courses in stone setting and the making of platinum chains by hand. She has studied with established jewelers worldwide and has worked in a variety of materials, including wood with Japanese lacquer. At present, Luz works in glass.

Judith Rachel Jewelry

Beautiful, unusual jewelry for beautiful, unusual people.