Oblik Atelier

Mia Hebib, a classically trained metalsmith and accessory industry veteran, whose desire is to forge conversations through her creative expression. She is in constant dialogue with the metal as she folds and forms it into miniature sculptures for the body. Ultimately the jewelry provokes a conversation between a wearer and the observer thus becoming a conversation piece.

Oblik Atelier is elevating jewelry from being an ordinary accessory to becoming an extraordinary wearable sculpture, “objet d’art”. Oblik means “shape” in Croatian and it embodies visual as well as the creative drive behind the jewelry studio; creating beautiful shapes that conform and compliment the body. Oblik Atelier jewelry is bold, elegant, defined through sinuous lines, architectural forms and exploration in shape, rhythm and play of positive and negative space. The design language speaks to the confident, art appreciating woman with a distinct taste that is rooted in timeless, clean, refined and modern style.